Crowdfunding for Startups

We build and run Kickstarter / Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns and provide marketing for equity financing rounds. In 2016 and 2017, our clients were 100% funded through rewards crowdfunding or equity funding.

We've helped clients raise $9.5 Million in capital. They have gone on to raise an additional $10 Million in angel and VC funding.

We are experts in Crowdfunding, Copy Writing, Branding, Web Design/ Graphic Design, Social Media, Digital Advertising, and Videography. See our services.

We provide fresh and engaging marketing for capital raising campaigns and are a strategic advisor to our clients and their teams. We work with big and small budgets, founders and established small businesses. See our projects

Every project is customized to meet the client's needs. So if you're looking for a plug n' play option, we're not a fit. Instead, we talk about the product, determine the needs, and build a custom approach.

Our clients appear in major media publications, pitch on Shark Tank, and sell their products in Brookstone, Walmart, Target and more. 

See our CEO, Leigh Lepore, on NBC's The TODAY Show talking about a little boy's $100K campaign. 

Greenfield Nitrogen is a regional-sized fertilizer plant to be built in Iowa. We created marketing materials for the company and the equity round which raised over $4 million.

Solidteknics is an Australian-based company recently expanding to the US that offers high-end cookware. The founder, Mark Henry, is an engineer with a passion for cooking. The campaign raised $311,383

We've worked on several campagins for Solidteknics to run digital ads for their live campaigns including this project for the nöni seamless stainless saucepan + skillet-lid that raised $336,010 AUD/ $253,741 USD.

Sunscreenr is a camera that shows skin at risk of sun damage. The co-founder, Dave Cohen, designed a device utilizing technology exclusive to scientists. Raise: $170,273. Plus $800,000 on Shark Tank. 

GreenTraveler designs reusable containers to easily transport food and daily items. We worked with James, the co-founder, on the launch and identifying opportunties to bring in more funds. The campaign was raised a total of $135,010.

Revolar is the world's smartest personal safety device, helping to protect loved ones in need. The campaign raised $83,247 from 895 backers. Revolar has since been accepted into the Techstar and Target accelorators and raised over $3 Million in additional capital. 

Efneo is a Poland based bicycle company founded by a father and his three sons. We started working with Efneo to advise on crowdfunding their first product. Efneo's has raised over $77,304 on Indiegogo. 

See more client projects here

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Meet Our Team


Leigh Lepore is the CEO and Founder of Crowdfunding Strategy & Information. She is a Crowdfunding industry expert, having raised millions of dollars for startups around the world. She speaks nationally, leads workshops to help entrepreneurs raise capital, and is interviewed by national media including NBC's The TODAY Show. 

Leigh earned her bachelor's in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Virginia Tech and started her career in business consulting with Andersen Consulting, a former "Big Five" firm. She later transitioned to lead a national team at one of the most significant credit card companies in the U.S., Capital One. 

Leigh is formerly the President of the Board of Directors for Aurora Community Connection, a non-profit whose mission is to develop the capacities of under-served families and promote social equality. Leigh is based in Austin.


Marketing Manager

Valerie Blomberg is our Marketing Manager. She brings expertise in digital marketing, copywriting, and data analysis.

Valerie earned her BALA in Liberal Arts from St. Johns College and started her career with MIX Sante Fe in Social Media and Trend Magazine as a writer. She later transitioned to The Institute for Functional Medicine as a Digital Marketing Coordinator. She is known for being a hard-working problem solver with integrity and compassion. Valerie is based in Minneapolis. 



Art Director

Dallas Gotschall is our award-winning Art Director with expertise in all things visually creative for web, social media, and campaign page design. He's won numerous awards from Marcom, Hermes Creative, and others.
Dallas has led creative at several design agencies during his 20 year career and was a senior designer at the data analytics company, Microstrategy. Dallas graduated with a B.S. in Design and Applied Arts from Radford University. Dallas is based in Austin.